A relationship book written for guys. Wanna keep her? Prove it.

    What Is Josh's Book?

    So, what IS Josh's Book and why should guys "read it for her?"  Check out this short introduction to find out!

    Read It For Her

    So, What's This Book All About?

    Guys, let's be honest, relationships can be a lot of work!

    Sometimes it feels like you're trying to put together a 10,000 piece

    puzzle without knowing what the picture is supposed to be,

    there are no edge pieces, it's upside down - and you're blindfolded. 

    But the crazy thing is, you still try!  You try to make your girl happy.

    You try to give her what she wants.  You try to do all the right things,

    but sometimes it seems like you still mess things up.

    How many times have you been left standing by yourself thinking,

    "What the heck just happened?"

    Don't worry, you're not alone, my friend.  I've been there, too.

    The world of girls can be a confusing maze to navigate.

    My hope with this book is to help put some guideposts in that maze

    to help you make it through without too many wrong turns.

    Inside, I've shared a bunch of tips that have helped me and my

    relationship over the past twenty-six years.  I've gone through a lot of

    trial and error in that time and, hopefully, by sharing what I've learned,

    I can help you avoid some common "guy" mistakes.

    Relationships can be a lot of work, but it's so worth it because she's so worth it.  "But, Josh, I don't want to read a relationship book!"  I get it.  But this one's easy.  Trust me.

    You love her, right?  You want to keep her, right?  Prove it.

    Read the book.  Make the effort.  You won't regret it.

    (Warning: Guys, if you don't read the book, your girl might read it for you!)


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